About Us

Atlas Private Educational Service was established in January 1990 to provide Turkish students with reliable information on study opportunities overseas. Our head office in Istanbul is in the heart of the popular Taksim district. We have got another branch in Asian side of Istanbul. We have got there more branch offices in Turkey, in Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. We also have branch offices in Sydney, London and New York.

We are also member of UED - The Association of International Educational Counselors and TURSAB- Turkish Travel Agents Association Group.  We are the first agency that fulfils ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System requirements in Turkey. We have many partner institutions in such countries as the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Malta.

Apart from educational counselling and placement service we also help students with their visa application and travel arrangements. We also continue to follow-up them during their studies in abroad. Our counselling service is free of charge.

We offer service in Language Studies and Exam Preparation Courses, Summer Schools for Juniors and Teenagers, Certificate and Diploma Courses, Executive Courses, University Placement for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies, High Schools and University Foundation Courses, at free of charge. We also offer cultural exchange programs such as Work & Travel, Internship Programs and Camp in USA programs in another department, AtlasWat.

In order to reach prospective students we use such tools as newspaper and internet advertisement, emailing, distributing leaflets in high schools and universities, organizing AA educational fairs which is the most successful international student recruitment fairs in Turkey for the past 5 years, organising seminars, publishing Study Abroad Guide which is sold by the newsagents throughout in Turkey, organizing scholarship campaigns.

Atlas has been working in close co-operation with many overseas institutions and semi-government organisations such as the Fulbright Office, the British Council, and Australian Trade Commission- Canadian Education Centre. We have also developed very good relations with all Turkish Universities, Council for Higher Education (YÖK), various Student Union Associations, and Turkish High Schools.

Our Staff is trained in educational counselling, they all studied abroad and have a good working knowledge of each of our client institutions.